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In a room with a view over Tahrir Square – 2011

On 5 February 2012 Alisdare Hickson was arrested by Egyptian security forces while taking photographs of a protest near Tahrir Square.  During the following two months in Cairo’s Tora prison, he witnessed the savage brutality of one of the most feared and notorious prisons of Egypt’s military run regime, a close ally of Britain. Like many others, he quickly learned that you can never trust the British Foreign Office to come to your aid if that means upsetting a “friendly” dictatorial regime, however brutal, undemocratic and unjust it might be.

After his release he became passionately interested in how the media justifies this persistent British support for repressive governments.  The extracts of the first part of his book posted here focus on the 1930s and the British appeasement of Nazi Germany. However, during this coming year, he will be researching more recent British collusion with repressive regimes in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and elsewhere.

Hickson is a graduate of the London School of Economics and holds a PhD in sociology from the University of Essex. He has one previous publication which also focused on elites and methods of indoctrination – The Poisoned Bowl; Sex, Repression and the Public School System – a social history of  homosexuality in British public schools, published first by Constable in 1995 and then, in paperback, by Duckworth in 1996.

He hopes to post more extracts from his current research on appeasement propaganda and British support for dictatorships over the next few months.  You are always welcome to contact him with any comments, criticism or suggestions and you are equally welcome to post comments on any page.  If you prefer not to use the contact page you can email him at alisdare@gmail.com or follow him on twitter @AlisdareHickson or even, if you are interested, check out his occasional photos of popular protests in London on Flickr at Flickr.com/photos/alisdare

He is dedicating his book “to the Egyptian revolutionaries, who astonished me by their enduring courage and their unshakable faith in a brighter future and to Professor Noam Chomsky, for helping me to understand why it’s safer to trust a used car salesman than a British diplomat.”

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