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Protester in Whitehall January 2017. Copyright Alisdare Hickson


You can find extracts from the first draft copy of Alisdare Hickson’s book at RogueNation.org – ‘Rogue Nation: 365 Forgotten Anniversaries that Shame Britain,’ however I’ve also posted some of my earlier work focusing on British appeasement on the 1930s on this website -Appeasement.blog.

If you thought that appeasement in the 1930s was about well intentioned but gullible politicians who were deceived by Hitler, that Churchill was always opposed to fascism and never supported appeasement, that Britain today never colludes with murderous dictators, then prepared to be shocked. The project has already taken many months of research during which he has read at least thirty thousand articles from regional and national British newspapers for the first part of the book, which looks at the British elite and media propaganda in support of appeasement during the 1930s.  He is currently researching forgotten anniversaries in British history.

You are welcome to contact Alisdare with any comments. criticism, questions or suggestions.

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